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Information Exchange Benefits

It is the best defence against malicious attacks. When information is shared across teams, organizations, or even government/private organizations, it results in the global dissemination of threat intelligence and guidelines’ making it easier to stop cyberattacks even before it happens.

It encourages diverse expertise

Today “Going it alone” is not possible when dealing with cyber security threats. It is very clear that though organizations decide on vulnerable areas, gaps often exist. The best solution would be a partner with the industry that has the expertise in areas where your organization lacks. This will result in building stronger defence mechanisms into the system.

Provides real-time visibility

As people, processes, and technology across events, dataand systems are connected. Collaboration bridges the gap between the different departments. It fosters a good relationship between IT, security groupsand the organization at large.

Fosters private-public relationship

A high level of public-private collaboration is necessary to address the growing cyber security threats. Organizations should work in close contact with the government to best utilize risk management models and resiliency plans. Organizations should ensure that they follow all government regulations while carrying out security measures.